• » Understanding and Focusing on our Customer’s Stated as well as Implied needs and providing Quality Plant Equipments, Services and Continued Support.
  • » Building long term relations with the Customers, based upon mutual Trust and respect, whilst actively liaising with them to enable the Customer to plan in advance the requisite Technology and Processes.
  • » Establishing long term relations with Equipments Manufacturers in different part of the world with an on going strategy of continuous improvement.
  • » Always striving to better previous Performance in terms of Operational Practice and Quality in broader sense.
  • » To make our consultancy and services cost effective and competitive.
  • » By achieving these Goals we will be valuable Partner with our customers and Suppliers.

We Specialise in

  • » Supply of Complete Lead Recycling Plant of required Capacity and Technology.
  • » Modification of Existing Lead Manufacturing Plants to optimize the Production.
  • » Training of Man Power of existing or New Plant.
  • » Recruitment of Man Power as per requirement.
  • » Implementing TQM / QMS at client sites.
  • » Selection and supply of Equipments as per Customer’s requirements from India, Mexico, United States or from Europe.