Lead Recycling Plant

Manufacturing Process:

Lead is manufactured in two stages.

  • » Smelting Process
  • » Refining Process
Major Plant Equipments :
  • » Rotary Furnace
  • » Quenching Tank/Cyclones
  • » Metallurgical Bag House
  • » Refining Kettles
  • » Sanitary Bag House
  • » Moulding Mechanism
  • » Loader/ Fork Truck
  • » EOT Crane etc
Lead Smelting Process

PbSO4 + Na2CO3 +Fe → PbCO3 + FeNa2S
PbCO3 + C → PbO + CO
CO2 + C → 2CO
PbO + CO → Pb + CO2
2PbO + C → 2Pb + CO2
PbSO4 + 2C + Fe → Pb + FeS
2 PbSo4 + Na2CO3 + Fe + 9C → 2 Pb + FeNa2S + 9CO + CO2

Primary aim of this process is to recover Lead metal from raw materials such as Lead Paste & Lead Metallic separated from the scrap Batteries and other Lead bearing materials. These raw materials are fed in to Rotary Furnace along with calculated quantities of Chemicals and the charge is heated with oil/gas fired Burner. Under the heat from Burner and with Chemicals Lead is recovered and is tapped out in to Moulds/Discharge Kettle. Few of the reactions that take place during the process are as given above.

Lead Refining Process

Pb + S → PbS
PbS + 2 Cu → Cu2S + Pb
3Cu2S + 3As + 3Pb → 3PbS + 3Cu2As
2Sb + NaNo3 + 4NaOH → 2Na3SbO4 + 2H2O + 2N2
Pb + 2NaNO3 + 8NaOH → 5Na2PbO2 + N2 + 4H2O

The process involves purifying of Crude Lead produced in the Smelting Section. When Lead is reduced/recovered from raw materials a large number of other Metals also get co - reduced and are tapped from Furnace along with Lead as impurities. Selective removal of these Impurities is carried in Refining Process in Kettles at different temperatures. Few of the reactions that take place during the Refining Process are as given above.

After conforming to the required specification Lead is casted in to Ingots by means of a Casting Machine.