About Us

"Navarees Consultants" is a group of experienced Professionals in Lead Manufacturing Process whether from Primary or from Secondary Raw Materials. Navarees Consultants can design and commission the Lead Plant as per requirement of the Customers. They also have the Experienced Engineers to train the Shop floor personnel of Existing or New facility to optimize the Production. The group is headed by Mr. S.K.Prabhu who has over 38 years of Experience in this field. At Navarees Consultants our Team of Experts helps you in your endeavor to grow and to achieve your GOAL. We make your journey easier. This claim is backed by a solid experience of over 38 years in this field of Lead Smelting and Lead Refining. Our Team will assist you to reach your optimum production and quality standards.

    We Provide
  • » Design, Supply and Development of Lead Plant
  • » Design, Supply and Development of Lead Oxide / Red Lead Plants.
  • » Design, Supply and Development of Lead Acid Battery Plants.
  • » Technical Assistance
  • » Man Power Recruitment
  • » Optimization of plant and Process.
  • » Marketing of Products.
  • » Implementing TQM / QMS at your sites.
  • » Supply of Plant Equipments and Machinery from India / USA / Mexico / Europe.
  • » Supply and or export of any engineering equipments / machinery / accessories / chemicals required by customers.

Mr. S.K.Prabhu would essentially be one of the Best and enterprising Consultants in Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plants one would have come across. His vast experience in Lead Manufacturing, Man Management and Practical approach to any problems makes him an ideal Advisor to any kind of Projects as well as existing Units.

He is also a successful Management Consultant. He has vast experience in senior positions in reputable companies in lead manufacturing Industry.

On social front he is a very active, helpful and respected member of the society.

The story of Mr. Prabhu's association with Lead Industry goes back a few decades to the early seventies.

His career began with Indian Lead Pvt Ltd, a leading Lead Manufacturing Company in Bombay, in 1974. From 1 Furnace of 1 MT capacity in 1974 to 5 Furnaces of up to 12 MT capacities, Mr. Prabhu was involved in all the activities at senior positions, from design to commissioning and expansion activities. He was also part of setting up manufacturing Units in other parts of India.

With his experience in all the departments of Lead Industry, Mr. Prabhu is well versed with all the Equipments and requirements of the industry, to design and install an economical and Environmental friendly Lead Manufacturing Plant.

Due to day today involvement in all fields of Lead Industry and association with major Battery and Cable Industries in India and Gulf countries, Mr. Prabhu has considerable knowledge of requirements of the battery and cable industry. He is well aware of the key role of quality pure lead and lead alloys in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries.

In 2000 Mr. Prabhu took responsibility of a Project in Jeddah, KSA to start and operate a Complete Lead Recycling Plant. The Plant is set up with state of the art manufacturing plant and machinery. The Plant is successfully commissioned and the designed capacity is proved with higher commercial production. After successful operation of the Plant for about 2 years on agreed terms, Mr. Prabhu returned to India to continue his Consultancy services.

Mr. Prabhu believes that one should keep oneself on constant touch with ones field and latest development in the same.

Mr Pravin K Patil a team member of Navarees Consultants has an experience for over 30 years in Lead Manufacturing Plant.

He has working experience in different Lead Industries in India as well in Abroad.

He is one of the few specialists in Rotary Furnace Technology.

Mr. Pravin K Patil expertise covers

  • » Selection of essential and appropriate Plant Equipments.
  • » Commissioning of Plant
  • » Smelting
  • » Refining
  • » Alloy Blending
  • » Optimization of Lead Recovery Process.
  • » Training of shop floor personnel at all levels.
  • » Modification of Existing Plant.